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DURA-TUFF Nursery Flooring System

DURA-TUFF Nursery Floor Systems offer the optimum environment for swine production. Made from high grade virgin polypropylene material, DURA-TUFF’S wear and impact resistance makes it superior to other plastic floors. Rust and corrosion proof fiberglass beams complete the system, creating clean, comfortable, long lasting flooring for your pigs.

DURA-TUFF is easy to clean. Our solid plastic construction resists bacteria build up and sheds waste easily. Larger openings provide better manure filtration. Alternating elevated ribs prevent manure from being pushed to the corners, which can cause premature corrosion on steel penning. Our interlocking system creates a 1/4″ (7mm) opening at the end of the floor (where it connects to the next floor) and on the sides, as opposed to inferior floors which fit tight on the ends and sides (where manure can build up making it harder to clean).

DURA-TUFF is warm and safe. Our high/low rib design provides superior traction even when wet. Plastic swine floor does not rob pigs of body heat. University studies indicate pigs on plastic floor versus metal floor have shown a 15% improvement in feed to gain ratio due to reduced stress.

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Dura-Tuff Plastic Creep and Nursey Floors

ModelSize (W x L)TypeColor
DT24X2424″ x 24″61 x 61 cmOpen or SolidBlack, White, Custom*
DT24X1824″ x 18″61 x 45.8 cmOpenBlack, White, Custom*
DTN18X2418″ x 24″45.8 x 61 cmOpen or SolidBlack, White, Custom*
DT18X1818″ x 18″45.8 x 45.8 cmOpen or SolidBlack, White, Custom*

*Custom colors available with qualifying orders

Dura-Tuff Fiberglass Support Beams

ModelFloor WidthBeam Span
FGB 5T18″45.8 cm10'3.05 m
24"61 cm9'2.74 m

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Have Questions? Ask Chris!

DuraPlas Swine expert Chris Hiser is here to answer your questions.

Does the swine flooring system require support beams or is it placed directly on the floor?

"The Dura-Tuff swine flooring is designed to be installed on a fiberglass or steel rail that is .25” thick at the top where the flooring panels connect to the rail."


Can the swine flooring be cut into smaller pieces?

“Yes, the Dura-Tuff swine flooring can be cut with any tool that can cut wood.”


What is the advantage of using plastic flooring instead of wire or steel flooring?

“Plastic is inherently warmer than steel, thus there is less heat loss in extremely young animals. This leads to improved growth in the very early months of life. University studies show that pigs on DURA-TUFF plastic floor had a 19% better feed:gain ratio than pigs on wire/steel flooring. Wire/steel will corrode or rust in usually less than 10 years, however plastic flooring can last 2-3 times as long.”


How durable is DURA-TUFF flooring?

"Simply put, DURA-TUFF swine flooring is the most durable flooring we have tested. We had an independent lab perform a standard abrasion test on DURA-TUFF to confirm these claims. The results of a pressure test revealed that DURA-TUFF could withstand the force of 2,000 pounds per square inch before showing a stress fracture. This test proves that DURA-TUFF can easily handle normal weight loads in day to day use."


What size beams does the swine floor require?

“The height of the beam will depend on the span (length of the gap that the beam is bridging). We offer 3”, 4”, and 5” tall beams and can span up to 10’ with the 5” beam on 18” centers.”


Does DURA-TUFF swine flooring come with a warranty?

“Yes, we offer a five year warranty. Please e-mail info@swapinc.com or call 1-(800) 288-9748 for details.”


Are your fiberglass beams compatible with all flooring?

"Our fiberglass beams are designed to work with flooring that has a channel that accepts .25” beam. The warranty would not cover our beams used with a different brand of flooring."


What are the advantages of fiberglass supports as opposed to steel?

“Fiberglass supports do not rust or corrode and are about the same price as galvanized steel supports.”


Is there a plastic floor for sows?

“Yes, we do have a plastic sow floor. DURA-TUFF plastic sow floor is designed to interlock with our creep area floor to provide a farrowing floor to meet the requirements of both the sow and litter.”



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