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DuraPlas Poultry - Better Sanitation, Happier Birds

Ultra-durable plastic poultry and hatchery products by DuraPlas are built with safety in mind. From design and manufacturing, to material and treatment, DuraPlas goes that extra mile to help you reduce injury and infection in your poultry houses.

Select DuraPlas Products also feature BIO-PRUF Anti-Microbial Protection, lab-tested and proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria on plastic surfaces.


Product Features

It’s all in the details. Every DuraPlas Poultry and Hatchery product has innovative features to improve the health and safety of your birds. We vastly outperform traditional wood, metal, and even other plastic poultry products. See the difference yourself:


Clean material reduces the risk of infection, and the easier your equipment is to clean, the more likely you are to get it clean. Nonporous, moisture-resistant plastic is faster and easier to clean than traditional wood, and it can be sanitized. Select DuraPlas Poultry products can be put through automated cleaning systems.


Ultra-strong polyethylene and polypropylene plastic products resist wear and impact. They do not rot, rust, or corrode, providing a safer environment for your birds to lay. The smooth, nonporous plastic also reduces bacterial growth and moisture build up.


The strength of DuraPlas plastic allows our designs to feature larger air holes for increased airflow, reduced bacterial build up, and better waste discharge. Reinforced wear points protect against damage and keep birds safe.

BIO-PRUF Anti-Microbial Protection

Select DuraPlas Poultry products are manufactured with our BIO-PRUF Anti-Microbial additive right in the plastic. Independent laboratory tests of Salmonella, E.Coli, Staph and Pneumonia cultures demonstrated a clear difference between untreated samples (A) and those treated with BIO-PRUF Anti-Microbial Protection (D), which inhibited the growth of bacteria.

BIO-PRUF does not wash out, does not require any maintenance, and lasts the lifetime of the product.

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