Our Sister Companies

Maxi lift inc

We have a subsidiary company in Maxi-Lift that is involved in the transportation and handling of commodities around the world. Our Maxi-Lift products can load a ship of corn on the Amazon River, or move cement to be used in roadway construction.

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Southwest Agri

You might know us by our previous name Southwest-Agri Plastics. We continue to manufacture plastic swine and poultry flooring systems, plastic mini-pallets for moving bagged substances and plastic feed wheels and containers for livestock supplement feeding. Our ever growing product line can now be found under the name DuraPlas Inc.

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Tuff stand

TuffStand manufactures ultra-durable plastic pipe stands for the oil and gas industry. Learn more about the revolutionary TuffStand on our Energy page.

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“All of the products have one thing in common; we make it easier for our customers to do business”

- Beaude Sahm, CEO

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