DURA-BENCH Greenhouse Bench Tops

J&J Greenhouse - Claxton, GA

Dura-Bench is Helping Georgian Grow More than Peaches and Peanuts

People around the world know that Georgia is famous for peaches, and President Jimmy Carter told the world about Georgia peanuts, but Judy Crosby wants people to know that Georgian’s can grow some of the world’s best flowers, too.

Crosby opened J&J Greenhouse in 1980. She has 20 full-time employees and 15 seasonal workers. She has patiently grown the business over the years, using her common sense and a lot of on-the-job training.

Two years ago, she discovered Dura-Bench benchtops, and she’s learned to trust in them, installing nearly 15,000 square feet of panels. Her 56 greenhouses cover almost 200,000 square feet. J&J sells mostly to retailers in the southeastern section of Georgia and the southern most regions of South Carolina.

“We have grown from a small nursery operation to a medium-sized operation, and I’ve learned through the years not to waste my time with products or other tools that don’t work. If it doesn’t help me grow plants more efficiently, I can’t afford to invest the money. The Dura-Bench panels have proven to be a wise investment for my business.”

“We’ve been very pleased with the Dura-Bench panels. The SMOOTH, STRONG, DURABLE surface area has made it much easier to slide flats around and rearrange our growing areas as seasons change. The plastic is made so that it helps reduce rot and bacterial problems.”

Crosby also believes the Dura-Bench product provides SUPERIOR DRAINAGE for plants and allows for BETTER AIR CIRCULATION. The hot, humid Georgia summers can wreck havoc on certain flowers and seedlings as they get started, so the airflow was a key point.”

The Dura-Bench plastic bench tops are available in black. Each 2’x4’ panel weighs 6.1 lbs. Dura-Bench is made of polypropylene material that is impact and wear resistant. The bench tops are treated to resist damage from the sun with UV protection that won’t wear off, even if the product is scratched or marred. Pre-drilled construction holes mean the sections can be quickly assembled and disassembled without damaging the bench tops.

For more information on Dura-Bench bench tops, please go to duraplasinc.com, or call (800) 527-0657. Dallas-based DuraPlas manufactures Dura-Bench.

Duraplas Case Study Greenhouse
Duraplas Case Study Greenhouse
Duraplas Case Study Greenhouse
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