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The DuraPlas TuffStand product line is designed to be the toughest, safest pipe stands in the oil and gas industry. These single injection molded products were developed utilizing patent pending designs that will provide the safety and efficiency the industry deserves. With the TuffStand you will:

  • Save Time, Labor & Freight Costs
  • Increase Safety
  • Out-Perform traditional wood support Systems

2021 FINALIST! Pipeline & Gas Journal
Best Repair Technology Advancement



The DuraPlas 12″ TuffStand is designed to be the strongest, safest, and most durable 12″ pipe stand in the oil and gas industry. Utilizing a wide square base and angled side walls, the 12″ TuffStand can withstand the extreme conditions of any pipeline job using 2-12″ pipe. When developing this pipe stand, our goal was to create the absolute best product that provides the safety and efficiency the industry deserves. By replacing a pile of wood skids with the 12″ TuffStand, you are able to increase job efficiency and cut down on the labor costs associated with hauling and moving wood skids. And while wood skids are heavy and often cracked, wet, and rotten, our 12″ TuffStand weighs just 28.5lbs and is made with a high-density polyethylene resin. Make the switch and start using the 12″ TuffStand today!


The 24” TuffStand is capable of handling up to 24” pipe diameters and has set the bar as the new industry standard. As the only pipe stand in the industry manufactured with Super-Tough Nylon Resin, the 24” TuffStand supported over 75,000 lbs* in a controlled testing facility! The first-of-its-kind design and top grade Super-Tough Nylon allow our 24″ TuffStand to carry a workload 3X more than any other plastic 24″ stand.

With the 24” TuffStand, you can tackle larger pipe projects while saving money on freight, labor, and time.

*Tests were completed in a controlled environment on flat surfaces under perfect conditions. *Do not exceed maximum load limit of 10,500 lbs.

Technical Specifications
ModelBaseTopSaddleWeightStands / Pallets
(12" TuffStand)
25" x 25"
63.5cm x 63.5cm
16" x 16"
40.64cm x 40.64cm
3" Deep
7.62cm Deep
28.5 lbs
12.93 kg
(24" TuffStand)
40" Diameter
101.6cm Diameter
29" x 19"
73.66cm x 48.26cm
4.25" Deep
10.8cm Deep
33.5 lbs
15.2 kg

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Official product images and the “in the field” photography.

Have Questions? Ask Matt!

DuraPlas Poultry & Egg expert Matt Porter is here to answer your questions.

What is the advantage of using plastic flooring instead of using wood?

" It has been proven to that eggs laid on square openings, regardless of surface area – like the DURA-SLAT, were significantly cleaner than eggs laid on wooden slats. Eggs laid on plastic had significantly less surface microorganisms than those laid on wood slats. The primary source of contamination of hatching eggs is contact with dirty sources. Our non-porous smooth surface and 1.1″ x 1.1″ openings can cut cleaning time in half compared to wood slats. The larger openings also allow the birds to continually work the manure though the openings to maintain a clean environment. DURA-SLAT reduces foot pad problems, leg problems, and breast blisters experienced with wood slats. It will easily outlast wood slats."


What is the difference between overlapping and non-overlapping flooring?

"The 2’ x 4’ Overlapping floor interlocks along the 4’ sides as well as has an overlap connection on the 2’ ends allowing for the use of just one support where this style panel meets end to end. The 2’ x 4’ Non-Overlapping flooring just interlocks along the 4’ sides and is flush or “flat” along the 2’ end. This style is ideal for designing a flooring section that is 4’ wide."


What is the height of the flooring?

"Depending on the style of poultry flooring, the heights or thicknesses range from .5” – 1.125” "


Can you cut Dura-Slat into smaller pieces and still use them together?

“Dura-Slat panels can be cut with any tool that can cut wood and depending on the style and the size of the cut piece can still be used.”


Can the flooring handle the weight of humans?

“The poultry flooring, when properly supported, can support the weight of the average person.”



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