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duraplas polar pad plastic hvac pads in gray and black

Plastic PolarPad

The PolarPad is a plastic pad engineered and designed as a base for HVAC equipment. The plastic pad is injection molded from polyethylene, which is durable, strong, and lightweight. The unique design has strong uniform ribbing along the underside. The pad is molded with a texture along the top, and rounded edges on the sides to give a clean concrete look and feel.

The PolarPad is best used as a base for light, ground supported equipment such as air conditioning condensers, swimming pool filters, and heat pumps. Pads must be fully supported across the bottom, and set on compacted soil, hard surface, or gravel.

Model: POLAR3636-3
Size: 36″ x 36″ x 3″ (92cm x 92cm x 8cm)
Weight: 15.7 lbs. (7.12 kg)
Allowable Load: 1500 lbs.*
Material: HDPE
Temp Range: -60°F to +180°F
Pallet Quantity: 16
Colors: Gray and Black

*Load should be distributed evenly across pad surface to give maximum allowable load rating. Exclusions or Limitations: PolarPad equipment pads are designed and manufactured to be used as bases or light, ground supported equipment such as air conditioning condensers, swimming pool filters and heat pumps. Use of PolarPad pads for purposes other than those listed above or improper installation of PolarPad pads may result in pad failure. DuraPlas disclaims any liability due to such misuse or improper installation.



Virgin Material
Virgin Material
Made with Polyethylene
Always a Flat Part
In Stock and Ready to Ship
Consistent Coloring
Heat and Cold Resistant

*The following PolarPad models are estimated to release in 2023.

ModelSize (W x L x H)WeightMaximum LoadPallet QuantityDate Available
POLAR3030-2*30" x 30" x 2"76cm x 76cm x 5cm8.6 lbs3.9 kg1270 lbs**576 kg**22Available Soon
POLAR3232-2*32" x 32" x 2"81cm x 81cm x 5cm9.7 lbs4.4 kg1350 lbs**612 kg**22Available Soon
POLAR3636-2*36" x 36" x 2"92cm x 92cm x 5cm12.3 lbs5.6 kg1540 lbs**699 kg**22Available Soon
POLAR1838-3*18" x 38" x 3"46cm x 97cm x 8cm8.9 lbs4.1 kg1250 lbs**567 kg**32In Stock
POLAR2424-3*24" x 24" x 3"61cm x 61cm x 8cm7.4 lbs3.4 kg1220 lbs**553 kg**16Available Soon
POLAR2448-3*24" x 48"x 3"61cm x 122cm x 8cm13.6 lbs6.17 kg1470 lbs**667 kg**16Available Soon
POLAR3030-3*30" x 30" x 3"76cm x 76cm x 8cm12.4 lbs5.6 kg1300 lbs**590 kg**16In Stock
POLAR3232-3*32" x 32" x 3"81cm x 81cm x 8cm13.0 lbs5.9 kg1440 lbs**653 kg**16Available Soon
POLAR3636-336" x 36" x 3"92cm x 92cm x 8cm15.7 lbs7.12 kg1500 lbs**680 kg**16In Stock
POLAR3842-3*38" x 42" x 3"97cm x 107cm x 8cm18.2 lbs8.3 kg1700 lbs**771 kg**16Available Soon
POLAR4040-3*40" x 40" x 3"102cm x 102cm x 8cm18.0 lbs8.2 kg1710 lbs**776 kg**16Available Soon

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What is the advantage of using plastic flooring instead of using wood?

"Eggs laid on square openings are significantly cleaner than eggs laid on wooden slats. Eggs laid on plastic had significantly less surface microorganisms than those laid on wood slats. Our plastic flooring also reduces foot pad problems, leg problems, and breast blisters experienced with wood slats. It will also easily outlast wood slats."


What is the difference between overlapping and non-overlapping flooring?

"The 2’ x 4’ Overlapping floor interlocks along the 4’ sides as well as has an overlap connection on the 2’ ends allowing for the use of just one support where this style panel meets end to end. The 2’ x 4’ Non-Overlapping flooring just interlocks along the 4’ sides and is flush or “flat” along the 2’ end. This style is ideal for designing a flooring section that is 4’ wide."


What is the height of the flooring?

"Depending on the style of poultry flooring, the heights or thicknesses range from .5” – 1.125” "


Can you cut Dura-Slat into smaller pieces and still use them together?

“Dura-Slat panels can be cut with any tool that can cut wood and depending on the style and the size of the cut piece can still be used.”


Can the flooring handle the weight of humans?

“The poultry flooring, when properly supported, can support the weight of the average person.”



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