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DURA-GRO Chick Feeders

The DURA-GRO Chick Feeder is the premier feeder for transitioning chicks to an automated pan. Our oval design allows for larger space between pans while our round model makes it easier to maintain consistent feed level. Each feeder will accommodate up to 100 birds. The feeders are recommended for chicks from day 1 though day 12, when birds reach the size that allows feeding from the automated pans.

The DURA-GRO Chick Feeder is specifically designed to reduce feed waste and contamination by preventing the chicks from entering the feeder. Test results for hopper style feeders show up to 14% higher final live weight. We manufacture the feeders from a virgin high-density polyethylene plastic, providing superior impact and wear resistance.

The DURA-GRO Chick Feed Tray is a durable, lightweight tray designed to give you longer life while providing better feed distribution and reduced costs. We manufacture the tray using a virgin high-density polyethylene plastic, providing superior impact and wear resistance.

DURA-GRO’s ribbed bottom and sidewalls maximize strength while preventing feed loss from chick scratching. Smooth surface make DURA-GRO easy to clean. The 13” width allows it to fit easily between the feed pans for all brands of feeding equipment.

ModelSize (W x L)DepthWeightFeed CapacityDensity
DGCF6.75″ x 15.25″17.15 x 38.74 cm8″20.32 cm1.08 lbs.0.49 kg11 lbs.4.99 kgUp to 100 Chicks
DGFT 13X22*13″ x 22″33.02 x 55.88 cm2″5.08 cm0.63 lbs.0.29 kgN/AN/AUp to 100 Chicks
DGCF RND10.8″ x 10.8″27.4 x 27.4 cm7.4″18.80 cm 0.75 lbs.0.34 kg 10 lbs.4.54 kgUp to 100 Chicks
DGCF RND LP10.8″ x 10.8″27.4 x 27.4 cm6.6″16.76 cm0.68 lbs.0.31 kg9 lbs.4.08 kgUp to 100 Chicks

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Are there color options for the Dura-Gro feeders?

“Our standard colors are gray and red for the oval feeder, and red for both versions of the round feeder. Custom colors are possible for qualifying quantities.”


Can your feeder be modified for storage purposes?

“Modification of the feeder can void the manufacturer warranty.”



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