MARS & Duraplas: An Exceptional Partnership

Duraplas is thrilled to announce its collaboration with MARS, a renowned master distributor in the HVAC-R industry.  

MARS, with its history of exceptional service and quality, boasts a vast distribution network spanning the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Thanks to this partnership, Duraplas will now provide MARS and its extensive network with access to the innovative PolarPad line of HVAC condenser pads. This collaboration is a win-win for both companies, with DuraPlas securing nationwide distribution through MARS, while MARS finds a high-quality product to offer its customers, ending a long search for a product that meets their exacting standards.

"We got our hands on the sample of this PolarPad and it clicked on a lot of the right levels in terms of product design…,” said  Frank Mehler, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales for MARS. “The PolarPad hit a lot of the right bells and whistles that we're looking for. Then as we learned more about the product, it became evident that this was different."

While Duraplas has been a leader in the manufacturing of plastics for over half a century, it is a relative newcomer to the HVAC industry. However, this partnership with MARS strategically places Duraplas alongside a trusted partner with extensive experience in the field. MARS' deep market knowledge and understanding of customer needs will fuel Duraplas' ongoing innovation in the HVAC space.

The HVAC industry, with its significant market size and evolving landscape due to changing energy regulations, presents vast opportunities. Duraplas is committed to investing the necessary capital to deliver world-class solutions, just as it has done in numerous other industries. The partnership with MARS is a pivotal step in ensuring these solutions reach as many distributors and end-users as possible.

Expanding opportunities in the HVAC-R Industry 

Duraplas' extensive experience in plastics manufacturing, coupled with MARS' deep-rooted expertise in HVAC distribution, forms a powerful alliance that promises to reshape the landscape of HVAC-R products. Here's why this partnership is making waves of excitement:

A new choice for distributors

The HVAC-R industry has long grappled with limited options for HVAC condenser pads, as consolidation within the industry has constrained choices. However, this partnership introduces a refreshing change. Distributors will now have the opportunity to diversify their product offerings and provide a broader range of HVAC condenser pads to their customers. With the addition of the PolarPad line to their portfolio, they can cater to a wider audience with varying needs.

Quality meets innovation

MARS has actively sought a product that meets its exacting standards. After extensive testing and exploration, the PolarPad from Duraplas emerged as the ideal solution. This HVAC condenser pad excels in multiple aspects, from product design to environmental resistance. It's a product that doesn't warp or wobble, making it a reliable choice for both distributors and end-users. The PolarPad offers a diverse range of SKUs (stock keeping units), a testament to the investment made in its development, enabling MARS to compete more effectively and capture a significant market share.

Capitalizing on market expertise

Duraplas may be a newcomer to the HVAC industry, but with the guidance and partnership of MARS, it is in a prime position to thrive. MARS, with its extensive industry knowledge and understanding of customer needs, will be the driving force behind Duraplas' innovation and success in the HVAC-R sector. The HVAC industry is not only significant in terms of size but also dynamic due to evolving energy regulations. Duraplas is committed to channeling the required capital into producing world-class solutions, and the partnership with MARS will be instrumental in delivering these solutions to distributors and end-users.

A collaborative approach

The collaboration between Duraplas and MARS extends far beyond a simple partnership. Together, they will work closely on both current and future HVAC offerings. Their success will be measured through the growth in sales and their penetration into the HVAC market. MARS has a comprehensive plan in place to introduce the PolarPad line to the market and ensure that their distribution partners receive not only a top-tier product but also exceptional service.

The Duraplas-MARS partnership means distributors now have a quality, innovative product to offer their customers, while Duraplas gains access to MARS' extensive distribution network and industry expertise. This collaboration promises to shape the future of HVAC-R products, setting new standards for quality and service in the industry. 

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