The Essential Role of Greenhouse Tables in Modern Horticulture

Gardening has transcended its traditional boundaries over the years, evolving into a fine-tuned practice known as horticulture. One of the unsung heroes that has silently transformed the way we cultivate plants is the greenhouse table. Despite their humble beginnings, greenhouse tables have evolved into indispensable innovations that play a pivotal role in modern horticulture.

Greenhouses, once solely shelters for plants seeking refuge from the elements, have transformed into controlled environments that offer optimal conditions for plant growth, often at massive scale. These ingenious buildings extend growing seasons, protect plants from harsh weather, and enable cultivation of plants that might not otherwise thrive in a particular climate. As greenhouses have evolved, so have the tools used within them—notably, the greenhouse table.

Greenhouse tables (also referred to as “benches”) have always been the site of seminal processes in horticultural pursuits. From seed starting to propagation and grafting, to storage and organization, these tables provide the humble scaffolding that supports the essential processes needed to nurture and sustain product development. As horticultural processes and the demand for rapid output have expanded over time, the need for ruggedly durable garden benches and benchtops has become increasingly top of mind for those working in the industry.

What to Look For When Choosing the Best Bench

If you work in a greenhouse, garden center, or commercial nursery, you know all too well how much the state of your greenhouse benches can impact overall workflow and level of productivity. Rust, decay, uneven surfaces and non-pliable materials can all disrupt the timely processes that are necessary to keep up with the demands of plant cultivation and distribution.

The most essential things to look for when choosing greenhouse bench tops are material, functionality, and durability. Among the various materials available, plastic emerges as a superior choice for several reasons:


  • Weather Resistance: Plastic bench tops withstand the humid and damp environment of greenhouses without rotting, warping, or deteriorating. Unlike wood, which can be susceptible to moisture-related issues, plastic retains its integrity over time.
  • Easy to Clean: Horticulture can be messy, and plastic surfaces are easy to clean. A quick wipe-down removes dirt, spilled soil, and plant residue, maintaining a hygienic workspace.
  • Chemical Resistance: Greenhouses often require the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals. Plastic bench tops are less likely to react with these substances compared to wood or metal, ensuring longevity.


Above all, plastic stands the test of time and use better than other materials—something we know well at Duraplas. Our Dura-Bench is made from a high grade polypropylene and exceeds any requirement for the greenhouse industry. We tested used Dura-Bench Ultra parts that had been in use for a decade and compared them side-by-side with brand new parts and found no measurable difference in strength.  Even under ten times the typical pressure a benchtop would face, DuraBench Ultra didn’t break; and once the pressure was removed, the panel easily returned to its original shape. The DuraBench Ultra remains structurally sound and dependable in the way greenhouse workers need their greenhouse tables to be, whatever the size and scale of their operation, without question.

Durability where it counts

Greenhouse tables have evolved from simple structures to multifunctional workstations that are essential to modern horticulture. They support every stage of plant growth and provide a space for care, maintenance, and observation. When selecting greenhouse bench tops, plastic emerges as the superior choice due to its weather resistance, ease of cleaning, chemical resistance, durability, and multifunctional design. Whether you're managing a booming landscaping nursery or are a novice enthusiast, the benefits of a well-equipped greenhouse with versatile and durable greenhouse tables cannot be overstated.

So, the next time you step into a greenhouse, take a moment to appreciate the silent role these tables play in transforming the gardening experience, and the reliable stability they provide.

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